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Kilim Bazaar: "reminds me of my mum’s amazing creativity. I've never had a scent link with my mum"

This house has been rewarded with one of the most beautiful and touching reviews during its existence by Helen Hardy @lowkeyhighflyer, Thanks a lot dear Helen for this sublime post! We feel so honored with the association of Kilim Bazaar with your Mom’s amazing work, and this beautiful coincidence!


@lowkeyhighflyer with @make_repost


This is incredibly special to me.

Kilim Bazaar by @ricardoramosperfumesdeautor and @jorgeleegaitanperfumer is everything I expect from this house - original, beautiful and special. It is a comforting and evocative journey from the sheep’s wool (a cosy base of a hint of lanolin) through the making, journey and sale of Kilims. A rich plum and musk make it luxurious, sandalwood makes it warm and natural, lavender ensure it’s as comforting as your favourite jumper, and pepper and patchouli evoke the wider air of the bazaar.

Would love it anyway, but in particular it reminds me of my mother’s amazing creativity. I have never had a scent link with my mum, who died when I was in my late 20s, because she had a very sensitive nose and did not wear perfume or cosmetics - but the concept and smell of Kilim Bazaar instantly call her to mind. These photos are taken with some of her knitwear designs, which I have not shared before and hope you enjoy.

Like Ricardo, she researched Kilims and found them a great design inspiration (alongside other textiles and objects from a wide range of cultures - I will share more of her work another day). Thank you Ricardo and Jorge for this beautiful creation and the connection it brings me 😍

Helen Hardy @lowkeyhighflyer

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