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LaLindosa: "How not to love you if you transport me to that place that I miss so much"

Emotion, excitement and mixed feelings, that happen when your nose works as an intermediate between your soul and your roots, this is something I already experienced with my creations from Spaniards and Dutch, and now it happen to a Colombian, I feel so honored, Thanks Tatiana!

Para leer la reseña en español ve a la bio de Tatiana! 😉

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LA LINDOSA by RICARDO RAMOS PERFUMES DE AUTOR - How not to love you if you transport me to that place that I miss so much. How not to enjoy you if you make me feel at home. How to describe you with words when your scent is too familiar for me.

A very sweet and intense aroma of passion fruit, is what I get at first. This fruit is very popular in Colombia and it is known as 'maracuyá'. It is used for juicies, sweets, ice creams, cocktails ☺☺ ..., if you have had the chance to visit South America you know that.

I am a Colombian living in the UK 💖 you can imagine why this fragrance is special and easy for my olfactory memory. Its oppening is sharp, punchy and lasts for a good while. Don't expect a delicate and innocent fruity aura, it is rather rich and powerful with a touch of pink pepper.

Later on, the aroma becomes softer and gives space to jasmine and some balsamic and woody notes. The main note is definitely passion fruit and it stays all the time. It does not vanish at all.

I was very curious about this perfume due to be named after a Colombian area in the Amazon forest with its natural, wild and cultural legacy. It is a risky and interesting proposal.

Tatiana Salcedo @myperfumes_and_i

------- 🌼🌼🌼🌼

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