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Matcha Nōno: "It transports me right back to sitting in that cafe : Sadaharu Akoi/Paris"

Actualizado: 17 feb 2021

Jonathan @wearescentient, is taking us to Paris with his review about Matcha Nōno!

Thanks a lot dear Jonathan for this gorgeous piece of cake you are kindly offering to this house! 🙏❤️🌹

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Match Nō No’ @ricardoramosperfumesdeautor

I though I better write about this before I completely empty the sample I have. This is a meeting of noses each bringing a sweet treat to the mix, @jorgeleegaitanperfumer @tomooinaba_profice_ & @ricardoramosperfumesdeautor . Let’s see if this Matcha Nō No is a Yes Yes.


I use to love to wonder & wander round the streets of Paris during the months I lived there. Dipping in & out of bookshops & cafes, I was surrounded by a meting pot of ideas, smells & flavours. One of my favourite places to stop off after hunting for used books was Sadaharu Akoi; Japanese ingredients meets traditional French pastries, Matcha croissants, sesame eclairs & yuzu cheesecakes le drool. When I smell Match Nō No it transports me right back to sitting in that cafe, with a delicate green tea & complex yet delicate elegant pastry sitting in front of me as I dipped into a book I’d just picked up.

Imagine a light breeze catch’s some sakura petals as they fall from the tree; they drift down slowly, cherry with nuances of pistachio wafting from them, they land on a creamy musky bed of white chocolate, it’s melted enough to coat the petals. Think beautiful Belgian white chocolate too, there’s a touch of a citrus edge, yuzu, not quite grapefruit, not quite lemon, but some where in between. It, alongside the cherry blossom makes this like an elegant rich creamy musk. A cup a matcha tea sitting steaming by this tasty treat, it’s one of the floral delicate kinds. There’s a soft green warmth rising, it’s mixing with soft almonds & the yuzu adding another layer of complexity. There some soft woods too, adding a touch more depth to this delicate delicious mix. Drool.

It’s elegant & decadent, but not overwhelming, you feel is presence a delicate complex creation, definitely not confusing, just an utter joy to inhale. This perfume as I said was by three noses bringing tasty treats. Green tea, baklava (I know the smell but can’t eat it due to a nut allergy) & the Nono pastry, which I’ve never tired but now want to.

For me though this takes me right back to my days in Paris, where each day was a melting pot of smells & ideas. This Matcha Nō No is definitely a Matcha Yes Yes!

Jonathan @wearescentient


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