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Maverick's Rose: "It’s a bride wearing a leather jacket on a shiny chrome motorbike"

Is just gorgeous to see how Maverick’s Rose woke up on Helen Hardy @lowkeyhighflyer her Rock & Roll side! A surprising experience for a not big fan of roses 😉

Thanks a lot Dear Helen for sharing this gorgeous review! How curious hearing about your experience with Maverick’s Rose 🌹

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So, here we go into tier 4. I could have gone for something cosy and soothing but instead I’ve gone maverick...

Thank you @ricardoramosperfumesdeautor for this sample of Maverick’s Rose that I got with my purchase of Knus. Rose, like vanilla, is a note both Ricardo and I struggle with so I was keen to see what this is like - and I am not disappointed! Many of Ricardo’s perfumes are inspired by history, and have a timeless, classic-with-a-twist quality, but to me this feels very modern. It’s a bride wearing a leather jacket on a shiny chrome motorbike, with a design of thorns painted over the tank...

In the opening, geranium and pimento pique the rose notes into something almost alien - like a metal pot pourri. It’s exciting and a little spiky - there is no jam or blowsy garden rose here. The gorgeous leather appears after a little while - not animalic but almost fresh, with a light musk. The drydown of this is my favourite part in a truly Maverick rose concoction 🌹

Helen Hardy @lowkeyhighflyer

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