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Morayma Eau de Parfum by @The_Scentist

Capturing a scent in a picture is quite impossible, but capturing the flair of a perfume is something @The_Scentist knows very well how to do!

I´ve been following them on Instagram for a while, admiring the way they potrait some of the most beautiful olfactorial creations in the world with their pics and their descriptions, what a big honor and an amazing surprise when I saw Morayma Eau de Parfum in their Instagram account!

The perfume is beautifully captured, displaying the shapes of the bottle´s original Art Decò design fractioned like rays of light, enhanced with the juice´s color, creating and impressive effect like a light´s flower blossoming! Worth to mention the accurate fragrance´s description and calling it a "Gardenia Fougère"

I want to give a big THANKS! to The_Scentist for this beautiful post and this amazing image! If you don't know them what are you waiting to follow them on Instagram?

IG @The_Scentist

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