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Knus: "precious moments in time decades ago that will always reminds me of being 'home' "

Cozy and comforting scents have been desperate seeking during this pandemic year for many people, due that, many brands and perfumers re-discovered the necessity of getting back to an intimate experience, also they realized out there people want to interact and enjoy perfumes in a subjective way.

Knus was launched in 2018 as an ode of comfort and coziness taking as a reference classic Dutch interiors and its inhabitants hospitality, and as our dear Carla @c_parfummaniac described in her post, there is this intimate and cozy connection, perfect for keeping alive the spirit of the current festivities!

Thanks a lot dear Carla for sharing your experience, is rewarding to see how the olfactory concept was accurately achieved 😉 Happy New Year 2021!

SOTD : Knus by #ricardoramosperfumesdeautor , created by #jorgeleeperfumer

From his website: The inspiration for this new fragrance comes from the hospitality of the people in Staphorst and the comfort of their interiors, which act as common traditional values in contemporary Dutch society.

Created by the designer to commemorate his pioneering and internationally acclaimed Reconstructing Klederdracht collection.

Top Notes: Tulip, Ginger, Speculaas

Middle Notes: Spices, Moka, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Musk

Because my interior is far from KNUS (it is sleek/modern with some retro details ) it was impossible to make a typical Knus Dutch interior photo, sorry dear Ricardo ...Also all the speculaas was already eaten and the tulips needs to be bought again.

Knus is indeed the reassuring coziness of being 'home'. Sunday afternoon: the aroma of herbs and spices in the stew on the wood-stove; the wood stove that burns and gives the whole living room a pleasant glowing warmth; a plate on the coffee table with bitterballen, cubes of Gouda cheese and mustard; a cup of hot chocolate and a large piece of speculaas while watching speedskating on ice on TV ... precious moments in time decades ago that will always reminds me of being 'home'.

Knus is a word we use a lot in the Netherlands, just like 'gezellig', which has almost the same meaning. Knus means: comfortable, cozy, intimate, atmospheric, nice, friendly, homely, cuddly.

CarlaSnip-Koenders @c_parfummaniac

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